Friday, June 21, 2019

Womanhood: a Short Treatise

Upon the most wonderful visit to an amazing workplace (where I aspire to find myself in a few years), I was faced with hardworking people who have the privilege of doing what they love.
I had the chance to meet inspiring women who fight for our right to just be women. They had such influence in me, I found myself wondering what it is to be a woman.
I was stuck in something I heard: "We explore what it's like to be a woman, not a mother, a wife nor a daughter.". I guess this is quite a political and social matter, in fact, it's something we often discuss in some classes in college. Once, a professor confronted us by asking what defines a woman. Some answered that it's our genitalia, our social habits, however, there are always exceptions.
I've come to the conclusion that being a woman is a feeling.
Just last week, I was walking through the parking lot listening to Michael Kiwanuka's "Cold Little Heart", when it hit me.
As I heard my heels stepping onto the streets, and felt my hair sticking to my lips, I felt as much as a woman as I ever have.
At the age of 20, it is likely that this will be the peak of my beauty and figure, but I've come to realize that those are not at all the most important things to make you feel whole.
Being a woman is feeling that you can have an impact in the world, and knowing that when you make heads turn or when you're proud with what you see in the mirror. It's all about being fearless and bold.
I suppose this is all a social construction, these actions that I identify as empowering are mostly what other women built for themselves upon the need to validate why they do what they do. However, this doesn't discredit at all the fact that such processes make me feel it.
When I try to explain what the feeling is, various situations come to mind, and I realize that it all lies upon the strength that comes with being confident and recognized by others. As a professor once told us: it is by being recognized that a person becomes a person. For the specific case of women, I believe it's more than that, it comes with a social history behind it that forces us to seek further emancipation, to free ourselves from the chains of social barriers.
There is one image that perfectly illustrates this empowerment in motion: Dita von Teese, being the fatal, poignant woman that she is, being assisted by two gentlemen, as she accidentally drops her umbrella.
This scenario only shows just how impactful the womanly influence can be, how the confidence she radiates has such an influence on her surroundings. But don't get me wrong, by confidence I don't at all mean one should be arrogant or presumptuous. There is a fine line between confident and arrogant, and there is absolutely no need to cross that line.
 Perhaps this may all sound a bit radical to my fellow readers, perhaps this is only a fantasy in my mind, where I exist as sensual, fearless woman (unfortunately, I'm only a 157cm clumsy child-looking creature). Or maybe this short treatise is an appeal for all the ladies out there who reduce themselves, when they could all be Dita von Teeses.
I'd like to believe that our womanly influence is yet to reach its peak, and that we are all willing to work together to achieve social validation. I'd like to believe even further, that woman are able, altogether, to embrace and explore the power within them, regardless of whatever social conditions are imposed.
Don't be afraid to wear what makes you feel good, be brave and accept who you are. Whenever you're shamed for being too fat, for having pimples, or for wearing a revealing outfit, tell them they can go screw themselves.
This power is ours. This freedom is ours. Don't let the feeling escape.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

My First Luxury Bag

After a long period of hiatus, I'm back with another consumerism-inspired post. But, this time, I'll be exploring the more luxurious part of the fashion market. At this point of my life, I'm a 20 year old studying to become a fashion journalist and so, in order to fit my desired environment, I believe it's necessary to emulate my goals (as one would say, fake it til you make it). So, recently I decided to start saving to buy my first luxury bag. Not necessarily designer, since those products are generally way out of my price range.
With this post, I intend to share my adventure of browsing, saving and dreaming of my first statement piece.
I believe the first thing you should do (and I did) when buying luxury items as a middle class peasant is to set a savings goal. Since I'll be purchasing this bag with my own money, I need to make a conscious and deliberated decision. After you've set your goal, write it down in your planner and start tracking your progress. Another tip I can give you is to separate the money from the rest, either put it in a box (and tell yourself you are not allowed to touch it until you've reached your goal), or transfer it into a savings account.
Next step is to figure out what you can do with the value you've established. First, look into brands. I can tell you that a few brands I'm interested in are Furla, Coach, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs (yes, this is a designer brand, but one of the most affordable ones). Find something that fits your budget and that you like. Now, start searching for a specific style. Tote, crossbody, clutch... the possibilities are endless.
Parker Top Handle by Coach
One thing you should keep in mind is that this is a large investment, and you should make a decision you won't regret. So, I say try to keep away from recent collections and hot products. You may want to look trendy, but trends die. For me, this is a major expense, therefore, I'm looking for a classic, timeless bag that will (hopefully) last a lifetime.
If it's possible, go in store and see it. Not only see it, but touch it and try it on. Photographs can be really deceiving, especially when it comes to size and color. The best way is to always see the product in person.
Have you picked you bag? Good. Now wait. At least a month, I'd say. When I was younger, my Mom always told me to wait overnight before buying something I wasn't sure about. If I woke up still thinking about it, it was meant to be. Make absolute sure there isn't something better for you out there, make sure you even dream about this bag. Furthermore, you should also search for discounts and outlets, because you could always find it cheaper somewhere.
The Editor by Marc Jacobs
Now is my time to tell you my esteemed, desired and so dreamed of bags. My number one pick is The Editor Crossbody Bag by Marc Jacobs. It has top handles, and optional crossbody strap and comes in black, navy, baby pink and white. This bag retails for 445€ (or $425) and there is also a tote version of it. Next is the Parker Top Handle by Coach. You can get it in plain black, with quilting or even in their signature canvas. As the name says, it has a top handle, but also a chain crossbody strap. This bag starts at €395.
I'm definitely leaning towards the Marc Jacobs bag, since I can't get it off my mind. My savings goal is still a bit far away, but I'm hoping to reach it this year!
What do you think about luxury bags? Are they worth the investment? And, if so, what is your dream bag?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas time is, at last, upon us! Although I don't always admit it, I love the whole idea of cold weather, and a nice cozy house with the best food and gathering with your family (please note that I referred to it as an idea).

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Affordable Every Day Makeup

Makeup is definitely one of my obsessions, and I admit that I've spent a great amount of money trying to expand my collection.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How to Stay Warm and Fashionable

So the winter is probably one of my favorite seasons. It's the most amazing feeling when you're all wrapped in a blanket, watching a movie by the fire. I'll admit, right now I'm wrapped in a blanket by the fire. However, you still need to get out of the house, even when it's freezing cold outside.
One of my perpetual struggles is pairing comfort and style in the cold. Layering is a great solution, but it's not bullet proof, and sometimes you end up looking like a burrito. Today I thought I'd share with you some fashion essentials to keep warm, but always in style.

  • Undershirts. Trust me when I tell you that you need to own a few of these. They are the base of layering and, being so thin, there are fewer chances of you ending up looking like a pig in a blanket (yes, I love food metaphors). If you get those thermal ones, they'll keep you warm all day.
  • Faux Suede. This fabric could be your best friend in terms of shoes. When it's really cold outside and you always struggle to keep your feet warm, put on a nice pair of socks and some suede booties.This fabric looks awesome in thigh high boots, which are just extra practical, for being so warm. You could also try finding something in leather, those will definitely warm you up, while looking amazing. 
    Find these boots at Urban Outfitters
  • Details such as gloves and a hat could make the biggest difference. You need your hands all the time and with this weather they are always close to freezing off, so getting a cute pair of knit gloves always helps. Regarding the hat section, this year I'd suggest getting a wool beret, and pairing it with a nice long trench coat, you'll look just out of Paris. 
  • The Right Coat. I have at least 4 coats in my closet, but only one is harsh winter appropriate. Where I live, temperature can reach -5º Celsius, which doesn't sound like much, but it sucks, so I need truly warm coats. If you're in a similar situation, you should look into padded coats, these are the ultimate winter outwear. Another kind of coats that are actually warm are leather jackets with a fur lining. These are particularly hard to find, but they do the job while keeping you stylish.  
    Find this jacket at H&M
  • Scarves. This is such a versatile piece, because you can warm up your whole torso, your neck and, if you're brave enough to do this in public, your head and face. My favorite scarf is from H&M, it's enormous, really thick and so fashionable, it allows me to protect my chest if I choose to wear a plunging neckline. 
  • Knits. Lots and lots of them. A nice, thick knit paired with a long sleeved top and an undershirt will protect you all day. Here's the deal: fashion wise, you can't wear just 2 knits throughout the whole week. For instance, I own three knits, which is not enough, because I end up wearing the same outfits over and over again. When I go shopping again, I'll be looking out for beige and grey pieces.  
There are so many more tips are tricks, like carrying a mini-umbrella or getting one of those little heat pads that you throw in the microwave and carry in your pockets all day, and no one can tell. These are just some things that I do to help keep it together during the day, since my college is sooo cold, I always need to brace myself.
How do you stay warm all day? Share your tips!

Friday, November 2, 2018

My Bullet Journal

As you may (or may not) know, I'm a freshman in college and there's something that is crucial to academic success: getting your act together. By other words, organization. It's so important to keep track of all of my assignments and exams, and other things regarding my social life (yes, you also need one of those). I've been using planners every year since my 8th grade, and I just got used to it. However, I was a bit tired of having to adapt to pre-made spreads and not always getting exactly what I needed, so I decided to make my own bullet journal this year.
To be honest, I don't really follow the original bullet journal key, I just try to understand what I need in terms of my organization and just create what I feel like.

My notebook is a soft cover beige Moleskine with dotted pages. I guess dots is just what most journalers use, so I decided to go with it and ended up loving it because you can basically create whatever shape and spread you like. To write in it, I use my 0.38 black Muji gel pen, and I also have a couple of Koi Coloring Brush pens. Being the stationery addict that I am, I have an enormous collection of washi tape, but I only keep these few in my pencil case.
I start my notebook with an index (if you like to have an index, I highly recommend getting the Leuchturm notebook instead, because the pages are already numbered), followed by my personal information. Then, I have school stuff, such as my schedule for this semester and my grades (even though I don't actually have any grades yet).
I have a bunch of miscellaneous pages, such as my What To Buy list, my Expenses, Gift ideas for specific people and passwords. After all of this, comes the actual planner.
The first page is a yearly glance, from August '18 to July '19. I decided to make my planner just for the school year, because it's easier for me to keep all of the information from a year in one single notebook. Then, I have a horizontal monthly spread, that takes two pages per month. Here I only write highlights, like big exams, assignments and birthdays.
My weekly spreads always take two pages, since I usually have a lot to write. Not all weeks are the same, since I change it up a bit depending on what I'm feeling. In August, I did my month in the left upper corner and did a horizontal spread, with a to-do list on the left. I like this because it leaves a lot of the right page for me to draw or glue things. I also decided to give it some color by highlighting the days and week of the month in an orange tone brush pen. In September, I did the exact same thing, but changed the color of the brush pen to gray. This month, I used the free space on the right to put some fun washi tape on it.
In November I changed things up a bit. I decided to ditch the brush pen and just keep it simple and minimalist, and only used my Muji black pen. The spread is still horizontal, but I changed the display of the weekend, put the to-do list on top, and even added a Mood Tracker and a little space for me to write my weekly goals. I don't know what I wanna do in December yet, but I wanna change something.
After the weekly pages (which I counted in order to leave enough space), I have a few other random pages, like things I forgot to write when I first set my bullet journal up. I have a Meal Plan and also a page to brainstorm ideas for the blog.
I'm so happy about how my bullet journal is turning out, because I feel like it really fits in my needs. It's a great system for you to get your things together, because you can make it into whatever you want. It's a bit of work in the beginning, but it definitely pays off.
Do you also have a bullet journal? Also, what do you think I should change about mine?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Recently, I decided to renovate my bedroom, so I painted my walls and got some new furniture. I got a lot of my inspiration on Pinterest, and I absolutely love the way it turned out (even though I still have a long way to go before I achieve my dream bedroom). And so, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of my favorite diys and tips to get a beautiful and comfortable space.
Note: all of these picture are from my actual bedroom.
  • Have a color scheme. This is the #1 rule to follow if you want a clean and cohesive decoration. If you have baby blue bed sheets, green curtains and beige walls, it might look a little weird. I decided to go with white, beige and brown because these colors make my bedroom look so clean and sleek, but also really bright.
  • Less is more. I used to have so much junk in my room that took precious space. When I cleared them out, I got such a minimalist vibe. Plus, I managed to contribute to society because most of those things were given away to charity.
  • Find cute ways to display pictures. In my bedroom, I have this gold grid I got from Ikea, where I hang some of my pictures, and I added a string of fairy lights around it. I also diyed this little polaroid display with regular string, which is where I keep my camera and the beret I got in Paris. Apart from this, you can get a lot of similar (but different) frames and hang them all together. 
  • Display books backwards, showing the pages. I decided to do this because I have a lot of books and their spines are all so colorful, and that didn't go with my color scheme at all. Since the pages of my books are all kinda brownish, this makes everything look much more cohesive. Also, I organize them by height, just so that it doesn't look totally random. 
  • Get a lot of plants. If your bedroom is in light colors, the plants will give it a little pop of color. My favorite indoor plants are english ivy, the pothos plant and dieffenbachia (also known as dumb cane). All of these species require minimal care, and it will prove to your family and friends that you are capable of keeping another being alive.
  • Get a nice mirror and know where to place it. This will be a great investment if you're an avid selfie taker, because it will become your new scenario. When I say you need to know where to place it, I mean you can't put it in front of a window, otherwise you won't be able to see yourself in the mirror. I got one with a golden frame and it's my new favorite acquisition. 
      On Instagram (@joinsquares)
  • Have an alternative nightstand. I used to have a classic nightstand with a drawer, now I actually have a little faux fur stool which looks so cute. I think it also looks amazing if you use a little coffee table or a cart, such as Ikea's Raskog and decorate it with books or a plant. 
  • Use your accessories as decor. You can do so many things with this idea, such as placing some jewelry in a nice place, or hanging your sunglasses on the wall. I usually have a purse on my chair, just to look effortlessly beautiful. Definitely go on Pinterest for more detailed hacks, there is so much you can do with accessories. 
     These are some ideas I used to renovate my bedroom, since it was still so childish. Now I can say I have a minimalist and sleek space for myself. You can always add a touch of your own choosing, I just prefer to keep things simple.
What do you think about my bedroom? What should I change?

Monday, September 17, 2018

A New Stage: College

I've been thinking about this project I started a few months ago, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to share a bit more personal things, and use my own experience as an inspiration for the blog. Therefore, today I decided to tell you about a whole new stage in my life that is about to start.
On Tuesday, the 18th, I'm starting college. While I was in high school, I always thought I wanted to get a degree in English Literature, but the job market in that area (really) sucks. I'm not quite sure about what I want to do with my life, what I do know is that I want to write, so I decided to take Communication Sciences. With this degree, you can follow a lot of different paths, like journalism, television or even cinema. I decided to not go away from home, and I got into a college in Lisbon, which is about 40 minutes away from my hometown, which is amazing because I don't have to bother finding a new house.
I'm lucky because I won't be completely alone, since two of my friends also got into the same course as I did. However, it is going to be a totally new environment and I'll get to know new people and new worlds. I can say that I'm excited to get started and learn about things that I'm truly interested about, and soon be launched into the grown-up world. 
Even though I'm excited to do things I've always loved, it's a scary transition. I spent the last three years in the same school with the same friends, always taking the same bus every single day. And now, I'm off to somewhere different where I won't know how things work and I won't have anyone I know to help me. But, as my boyfriend says, change means evolving.
You know what else scares the crap out of me? Oblivion (congrats if you got this TFIOS reference). Okay seriously though, it scares me that my friends might leave me behind, and I do the same to them. I've heard a lot that the friends you make in college are the ones for life, but what about high school? Well, this is just me being nostalgic already and I haven't even had my first day yet. I know that it's totally up to us now, and we are the ones who create distance.
I can't help being so excited, because I have this (almost) unachievable goal, to write for this very special and prestigious fashion magazine, which I will not name because I'm trying not to jinx it (even though we all know which one it is). And, just by getting this degree, I know I'm a big step closer to that goal.
I'm not really doing much to prepare for college, just because I'm not moving out just yet so there are no big issues to handle. I am trying to catch up on my sleep, since I'll have to wake up at 6am three days a week. Apart from that, I managed to make my class schedule earlier this week and that really helps me getting my life organized, like knowing when I'll have time to hang out with my boyfriend and my friends, and when it will be better for me to study. I also set up my bullet journal for the first semester, so that I can get an idea of what I'm expecting. If you're struggling with school, make sure to check out my post on tips for students, it will definitely help you get your stuff together.
If you got to this point of the post, thank you so much for reading this entire rant, and I hope you could relate to me somehow.
When you went to college, what changed the most for you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Favorite Fall 2018 Trends

As the summer is ending and we are slowly welcoming the best season of the year, some major fashion events are taking place, such as the New York Fashion Week. I say major because it is when next year's trends will be dictated by the most important names in the fashion world. I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite tendencies for Fall '18, not only in fashion, but also regarding makeup and hair. I've been really inspired by the parisian style, so don't be surprised if most of these elements are super minimalist and simple.

  • Plaid and Checkered print. I've only started to wear these prints recently, because I think they go so well in brown and darker tones. Plaid looks absolutely amazing on coats and pants, paired with a solid basic color, like white, black or (light) brown.
  • Brown. Yes, the color brown. In the past, we've seen burgundy and grey as statement fall colors, but I feel like this year we're gonna see a lot of warmer tones of brown, yellow and beige. Solid colors have a great advantage, which is that you can pair one of these basic pieces with a statement element, like a purse or an amazing pair of stilettos. 
    Mel Ekrem on Instagram (@melisekrem)
  • Trench Coats. These are such timeless and unique pieces that I feel will never get out of fashion. My favorite are the classic beige, but I also adore the ones by Burberry. Depending on the color of your trench coat, you may be able to pair it with nearly every outfit you wear, they always add such a classy touch.
  • Scarves. However! I don't mean those warm knitted scarves that you bury yourself in when it's freezing outside, I mean a thin, maybe even really small scarf that isn't even meant to lay on your neck. Lately, I've been loving using one of those as a belt, or even tied around my ponytail. I think it gives you such an effortless, but beautiful look. 
    Monica de La Villardière (@monicaainleydlv)
  • Animal Print. Whether it's zebra, leopard or snake, wearing animal prints has been such a trend lately and I love it (in moderation). However, I think it should only be worn in small elements, so that it doesn't overpower your whole outfit. I usually wear leopard print on my belt or shoes, but lately I've been eeing my mom's leopard faux fur coat...
  • Blazers. If you shop at H&M, you'll notice that they have this whole section dedicated to office clothing, and this is where you'll find the most basic blazers. I do love blazers in a plaid or checkered print paired with a nice knit sweater, black jeans and a pair of high heeled booties.
  • Golden Jewelry. I remember around 3 years ago I would only wear silver jewelry, but now it's all about gold. My favorite pieces are statement earrings and a couple of layered necklaces, especially the ones with a little medal. A small watch would also look so chic. 
    On Pinterest
  • Natural Makeup. I feel like people are so much busier nowadays (or maybe I'm just growing up), but I do notice that the full makeup look has been being left behind. I used to wear foundation, concealer and contour! Today, that just doesn't seem right. I prefer to be as natural as possible, as I try to embrace my flaws. My go-to look is just mascara, a winged eyeliner, lots of blush and a touch of highlighter.
  • Long Natural Lashes. Going along the whole natural makeup look, long eyelashes will make you so awake early in the morning. If you can, I think that well done lash extensions can look really good, or a simple pair of fake lashes. Since I don't have much time for that, I highly recommend a nice mascara. My favorite is Benefit's They're Real Mascara, which makes my lashes look sooo good. 
    Joana on Instagram (@joinsquares)
  • Balayage Hair. This is probably my favorite hair trend of the season. This is when you dye your hair lighter, but not completely, leaving some dark streaks showing. I've always been a brunette and I decided to take a leap of faith and I got a little blonde. I just love how fresh it looks, especially if your hair is wavy or curly. 
    Cristen Smith on Instagram (@cristen_smith)
These are some elements you'll see me in this fall and winter. However, I'm still waiting for NYFW to get more inspiration for the season. What are some of your favorite trends for Fall '18?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

8 Tips For Silky Hair

Have you ever wondered how those Victoria's Secret angels get such beautiful luscious waves? I have. Every day of my life. It's so hard to try to get your hair hydrated and soft, but I managed to put together some tips for you to achieve lovely locks.
Let me be honest though. Recently, I got a balayage done, which meant bleaching a part of my hair, so now it's really dry and frizzy, but I'm trying to get my old strong waves back, by following these awesome tricks.

  1. Avoid flat irons and blow drying. Heat is probably the worst thing you can do to your hair, it becomes so damaged. Letting your hair air dry won't hurt it at all. To be honest, I don't ever blow dry my hair at home, I only ever do that at the hair salon.
  2. Wash your hair with cold or warm water. On the same note, hot water also counts as harmful heat, so try to wash it with the coldest temperature possible.
  3. Use a shampoo adapted to your hair. This is so important because you can damage your hair so much if you use a shampoo that you shouldn't. For example, if you have dry hair you should never use a shampoo targeted to oily hair, because this will make it even drier. A good shampoo might be the solution to your problems.
  4. Use a hair mask. If you are like me and recently bleached your hair and it is now so weak and brittle, you NEED a good hair mask to restore the strength. The one I've been using is the Elvive Extraordinary Mask, made with argan oil. I love it because it's so nourishing and actually leaves my hair feeling soft. 
  5. Don't brush wet hair. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but when you brush your wet hair, it breaks so easily. If it gets tangled when you don't brush it, try to apply some kind of oil or a brushing cream. The one I use is Elvive Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream, it does wonders.
  6. If you want it to grow fast, use castor oil. When you put this oil on your roots, it will stimulate growth, and you can use it to grow your eyebrows or eyelashes (basically any kind of hair). The key is to put it on your roots, do a little massage and leave it overnight. The next morning, just wash it out. You should be able to tell a difference within three or four weeks.
  7. Use oils on your tips. This is a great way to hydrate your hair if the mask just isn't getting you there. Some brans actually sell oils targeted to be used on your hair, but I prefer to use natural products, such as olive oil or coconut oil.   
  8. Every week, do a hydration mask. By hydration mask, I mean getting an organic oil (coconut, olive, argan...) and putting it all over your hair (yes, even your roots). Just leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it out. If you have dry hair, this will definitely help you. You should be able to tell a difference within a couple of weeks.
These are some things I'm doing right now, because my hair is so brittle and thin. Hopefully I'll get my wonderful waves back soon! What are some things you do to care for your hair?

Monday, August 27, 2018

6 Places To Eat In Lisbon

Lisbon is my hometown and, even though I moved out when I was really young, it's still my go-to spot for when I want to hang out. Lately, I've noticed that this rather small city has been under the eye of a lot of influencers, instagrammers and celebrities (did you know Madonna actually lives in Lisbon now?!). This is definitely understandable, I mean the weather is amazing, there are great beaches and the food... That's exactly my point today: I'm gonna share with you some of my favorite places to eat in my hometown.
Keep reading for some local tips on where to eat in Lisbon!

  • Time Out Market, Cais do Sodré. This spot used to be a farmer's market that was adapted to become a huge space with wide tables and a great variety of different restaurants. Basically, it's a fast food concept: you order your food, pick it up and then find a place to sit (yes, possibly next to strangers). The great thing about Time Out is that there are so many different kinds of food in there, from traditional portuguese to asian.
  • Zero Zero, Parque Das Nações. Have you ever wished you could go to Italy and try an amazing pizza or pasta dish? Well, this place is here to make your wish come true. The thing about Zero Zero is that they have an outside space covered in bougainvillea bushes and marble tables, giving you the most traditional italian vibes. Oh and let's not forget that the pasta here is to die for. 
  • Honorato, Chiado. Here is where you will have one of the greatest, fattest most delicious burger you will ever have. The meat is such a good quality and they make awesome combos. However, the killer product for me is the chip sauce, which is probably the single best dipping sauce I have ever tried.
  • Pop Cereal, Bairro Alto. This spot has every kind of cereal you might think of for you to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, since it opens at 9 and only closes at midnight. However, they do have some more things other than bowls of cereal, like a variety of coffees and these huge freakshakes.
  • Santini, Chiado. This ice cream shop has been open for 60 years now, making amazing creamy homemade ice cream. Let me just tell you that, if you decide to hit Santini, you might get stuck in a line for quite a while, because the ice cream is just so good that people actually get out of their houses for it.
  • Nood, Chiado. As you might have guessed, here you will be having noodles. However, you can also try the amazing dumplings, salads and rice dishes. What I love the most about Nood is the outside space they have, since it's usually a little crowded and it's actually nicer outside.  

So here you have some of my favorite places to eat in Lisbon, whether it's with my friends, boyfriend or even by myself sometimes. Make sure to share with me what you think about these spots or new places you love!